Five Colour Friday for December

I don’t really have a favourite colour. It’s the interaction between colours that excites me more than just one. However some colours do have special characteristics. Empire is one of those – it adds a richness to the finished piece. Today I’ve chosen it as the main colour.

I’ve combined it with Duck Egg and Sage as complementaries.

Of course – contrasts are always needed so I chose a mid-tone in Vintage Peach

And then included a spot of Mustard to link everything together.

If you are looking for something more festive take a look at last month via the picture below.

And the following snap will take you to the recipe for another blanket.

Empire and more, however, will take me cozily into 2023.

The LIST OF 120 DIFFERENT FIVE COLOUR SQUARES is HERE. Print it out to remind you. 

If you are looking for the printable list of 720 squares for Six colours find it HERE

Happy New Year everyone

Five Colours for September

It’s always worth keeping eyes open for combinations. You never know when something will appear. This was inspired while working on something else.

And if it becomes an extra wip – it just helps alleviate any unexpected boredom with another project.

The simplicity of granny squares helps to show the combination of colours.

All colours are Stylecraft Special DK as you can see above.

Five colours will present 120 different combinations DOWNLOAD THE LIST HERE where you will also find a link to 720 squares for 6 colours.

Five Colours for April

Another month – another five colours.

Spring has been such a welcome season this year! Driving along the motorway is such a pleasure now that the trees are decorated with the first of the fresh green leaves, and if you can venture into the countryside there is evidence that bluebells will soon form a carpet. ( our sheltered garden already has some in flower). Over the last couple of weeks the skies have been amazing, and all this has come together in this little square for April’s FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY 

Light but bright is the order of the day. 

Sherbet is a gentle but clear colour for the joining. 

But any of these will work well. 

This blanket was well underway when I got sidetracked! Does that ever happen to you? 

All colours are Stylecraft Special DK 

  • Pistachio 
  • Lincoln 
  • Storm Blue
  • Duck Egg 
  • Sherbet 

Have a good weekend, but come back tomorrow for the finale of this month’s #simplythirtysquares (if I can finish it by then). It’s always a scramble to do the border when it’s a 30 day month. 

Don’t forget – 5 colours can create 120 DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS They are listed as a downloadable pdf VIA THIS LINK. See last month’s post for 6 colours.

Five Colours for March

This month I’ve had the usual fun with FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY (this link will take you to previous colour combinations )

I’ve used Gingerbread as the joining colour, it’s a shade to which I keep coming back! It goes with far more colours than you would imagine. 

Stylecraft Special DK 

  • Meadow
  • Pistachio 
  • Fuchsia Purple 
  • Gold and 
  • Gingerbread 

Why not try it. Let me know if you do. 

Don’t forget. Five colours will give 120 different combinations  There’s a downloadable list via that link. 

Feel the need for one more colour? Six colours wil make a very large blanket! There are over 700 combinations. The list for these is here

Five Colours for January

It has been very chilly here at times. Temperatures have been a bit up and down since Christmas – above and below the seasonal average. I’m certainly looking forward to spring and I’m sure you are too. 

So, with that in mind I began to delve into my yarn collection (or yarn vocabulary) to find some spring-like colours. 

This is what I found. 

Having chosen my colours I realised that they were from three different manufacturers. 

How do you feel about mixing yarns? It can be a problem can’t it? – But, it can also work well. The important thing is to keep the type of yarn fibre consistent. That’s what I have done here. Each yarn is acrylic DK. 

Having used each yarn before I knew they were worth trying together. 

And – I’m really pleased with the result. 

Stylecraft Special DK Buttermilk 

Emu DK Lawn

Emu DK Ballet

Emu DK Peachy

James C Brett Top Value DK 8413

As far as I know there is only one place all yarns can be purchased. THE KNITTING NETWORK has competitive prices – and EMU DK is their own yarn. 


The LIST OF 120 DIFFERENT FIVE COLOUR SQUARES is HERE. Print it out to remind you. 

If you are looking for the printable list of 720 squares for Six colours find it HERE

Goodbye to Bluebell Blanket